About Us

Created in 2020 – our founder was looking for a healthier alternative to the “normal” lifestyle. With health issues arising, he decided to cut out alcohol from his life in search of a healthier normal. Cutting out the alcohol was easy – but the social aspect of enjoying a beer after a round of golf, a glass of wine after a long day, or a crafted cocktail to end the week – wasn’t as easy to give up.

The challenge he faced was that locating these beverages wasn't exactly easy. While grocery stores offered some selection, it was minimal at best and the presentation was less than inspiring, while locating non-alcoholic craft beers and wines in the local liquor store was a cumbersome process with a limited offering as well.


The vision was to have access to a large selection of non-alcoholic options in one place – with input and advice from others who are also enjoying and embracing this way of life

brought right to your front door.


The vision is SoberDry.


Everyone has their own reason for not wanting alcohol

– and whatever that reason is

– we here at SoberDry want to be part of your journey and give you an outlet to embrace and enjoy!